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Prep Pads

Prep Pads

Take all the hard work out of preparation. Each pack contains 1 x 80, 120, 220 and 320 grit flexible, reusable sanding sponges. Can be used wet or dry. 100mm x 120mm


Artisan Prep Pads make your job easy! Each pack contains 4 sponges of the most commonly used grits.  Use 80 Grit for rough sanding, removing paint and aggressively smoothing imperfections. The 120 grit is great for smoothing surfaces and heavy distressing. The 220 grit sponge is perfect for subtle distressing and sanding between coats if required. The 320 grit will leave your surfaces butter smooth.


Pro Tip: When sanding, start at the coarsest grit and move through the finer grits

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