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Easy Wax

Easy Wax

Protect and seal your furniture the easy way with Artisan’s natural Easy Wax,

Artisan Easy Wax makes sealing, cleaning and maintaining hand painted furniture and waxed raw wood finishes super easy. Easy Wax is a liquid combination of pure Australian beeswax and natural tree oils. It protects surfaces against watermarking and staining. The combination of beeswax and tree oils nourish timber and rejuvenate dried out surfaces. Easy Wax works beautifully on ornately carved furniture and mirrors as it leaves no waxy build up.

Simply wipe on, and leave to dry - it’s that simple.

Easy Wax dries quickly to a natural and long lasting matte finish, that can be buffed to a gentle sheen if desired. For a super smooth stunning finish, apply Easy Wax and smooth the surface with 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper. Wipe away any residue and repeat application if required. To clean previously treated surfaces simply reapply, gently rubbing to remove any marks and allow to dry.

Easy Wax contains no solvents, petrochemicals or silicone and is hand made in Australia using all Australian ingredients. In cooler climates the formula may thicken - simply place the bottle in warm water to liquify.

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