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Brush Soap

Brush Soap

Artisan Brush Soap is the perfect gentle cleaner for our beautiful brushes.


Artisan Brush Soap is a must have, It combines coconut, olive and rice bran oils with the gorgeous perfume of Persian lime and lemongrass to keep your precious brushes clean, conditioned and smelling sweet! Perfect for all acrylic and water based paints, and all brush types, it is also a safe and gentle way to wash your hands after painting.



  • How to use brush soap

    How to :

    • Rinse your brush with cool water then swirl the bristles over the soap.
    • Gently massage the rich lather through the brush bristles.
    • Continue to massage foam through bristles and then thoroughly rinse your brush under warm water. Always rinse your brush holding it tip down so paint residue doesn’t get lodged in the ferrule during cleaning.
    • Spin off excess water
    • Shape bristles and leave to dry

    Our Brush Soap can also help to remove old, dried paint from the bristles and around the ferrule of your brushes. Apply the soap and massage in as described above. When you have a thick foam, either wrap in Clingwrap or place the brush into a jar of warm/hot water and soak overnight. Reapply soap in the morning, working up a rich lather, then rinse thoroughly and enjoy using your rescued brush. 

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